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Leak Location

Leak Location

So your electric bill and or your water bill seem to be higher than normal for seemingly no reason. You may notice a particular spot on your tile floor that feels warm. These are signs of a slab leak. Your copper water lines run under the concrete slab of your home, and over the years the acidity of the soil or a sharp rock penetrates or erodes the copper pipes and causes them to leak. This happens more commonly with the hot water because the copper water pipe will expand and contract ever so slightly as it heats up and cools down. When this happens you need our highly experienced leak detection and location service to find and identify where your pipes run under your home and specifically where the leak is happening. When it is at all possible we would look to abandon that water line and re-route it through the walls and attic of your home so it will never leak again.

leak detection starts where the water enters the property. A contractor will typically shut the water to the house and see if the street meter is showing any movement. if it is, this alerts the contractor to water escaping a pipe on the property between the meter and the domicile. It might be a house, an apartment building or a strip mall, but between the meter and where it enters the building, there’s water leaking out of a pipe.

If the meter doesn’t show movement, the contractor will re-open the valve, letting water into the building. With all faucets off, nothing running in the house, the meter should now show movement on its dial. This lets the contractor know there is a leak, and because the meter is now open to the house, they know it’s inside the building.

We have all the equipment needed to identify leaks anywhere on the property. Our equipment can find leaks under concrete and solid surfaces, decking, floors and more. Using our tools, we can hear leaks in metal and plastic pipes under soil, landscaping, aggregate and solid surfaces as well. When listening in plastic pipes, our plumbers may inject bursts of air and water into the pipe, creating the sound of the leak that can be detected underground, through walls, floors or cabinetry.

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